Hong Kong Western District


Hong Kong Island`s Western District is a blend of old Hong Kong with its` traditional lifestyle and the new Hong Kong dominated by its` modern skyscrapers.

The western district has some of the main sights of Hong Kong including SoHo, the Central Mid Levels Escalator, Hollywood Road, Man Mo Temple & many others. See below for more information.

Hong Kong`s SoHo district refers to Staunton Street and Elgin Street which both lie `SOuth of HOllywood Road`. This thriving area is packed with trendy international restaurants, cafes, bars, art galleries and the nightlife centre of Lan Kwai Fong which can be found just beneath Hollywood Road. The nightlife centre is filled with bars and snack shops where party goers can top up on food and drink into the middle of the night.

Central Mid Levels Escalator
The central to mid-levels escalator opened in 1932 & at around 800 metres high, the escalator is the world`s longest outdoor escalator and runs from the central market in Central to halfway up Victoria Peak at Conduit Road. The central to mid-levels escalator was created to reduce traffic and ease congestion. The escalator only goes one way. It goes down before 10am and up after 10am.

Hollywood Road
Traditional Hollywood Road is very different to the modern and highly westernised district of SoHo. The road is filled with antique shops offering a variety of porcelain, furniture, statues and other antique items. Most items tend to be on the more expensive side but there are also some Chinese stores offering inexpensive goods such as books, records and everyday items. Buying antiques can be a difficult process and the buyer has to be aware that many items for sale may not be genuine.

Man Mo Temple
The Man Mo Temple on Hollywood road is filled with smoke and incense which hang from the spirals above. The temple was built in 1842 and is open daily from 7am to 5pm. The Man Mo temple is dedicated to Man (the God of Literature) and Mo (the God of War).

Other sights worth seeing in the Western District include Ladder Street, the Western Market, the Museum of Medical Sciences, Cat Street, Bonham Strand West, Queen`s Road West and the Man Wa Lane chop carvers. Please use the map below to navigate the Western District.

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