Hong Kong Weather


Hong Kong weather can  be summarized as hot and humid for much of the year. Temperatures rarily go above 34ºC and below 10ºC but breathing can be difficult in the humid subtropical climate due to the heavy pollution in areas such as Central, Kowloon, Causeway Bay and other areas with a high concentration of cars and tall buildings. Fortunately the vast majority of buildings are fitted with air conditioning & this relieves some of the difficulties of working & living in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong weather also suffers from heavy thunderstorms and rainfall during the summer months. Many people do not go to work when the downpours are at their heaviest and tourists are advised to stay in their hotels during these times.

Typhoons can also be a problem during the period from May to September when it is quite common for shops and businessed to close and local transport and flights may also be affected.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is between is between February and November when it is less humid and temperatures tend to hover around the early twenties. Rainfall is also less with more sunshine on most days. March is also usually a good time to go but the humidity starts to increase around this time. April to June is the wettest period of the year with high humidity and high levels of pollution.

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