Hong Kong Festivals


Chinese festivals in Hong Kong can add excitement, color and spectacle to those fortunate enough to be visiting Hong Kong at festival times. Hong Kong festivals can be a whirlwind of noise, light, fireworks, parades, incense smoke, dancers and much more. Fortunately there are a variety of festivals which take place throughout the year and pre-booking accommodation & flights is advisable as some festivals can become quite crowded.

Dates for some festivals vary from year to year according to the lunar date. Festivals taking place in Hong Kong during 2017 are listed below but before planning any trips, always check other sources for up to date information regarding weather, transport and festival information.


Chinese New Year  -  28th January 2017
Chinese New Year celebrations starting Year of the Monkey.

Birthday of Che Kung  -  29th January 2017
Many centuries ago, Che Kung (a Sung Dynasty General) saved Sha Tin Valley from a plague. People visit the temple for good fortune.

Spring Lantern Festival  -  11th February 2017
Often called Chinese Valentine`s Day. It represents the end of the Chinese lunar new year festivals.

Ching Ming  -  4th April 2017
Ching Ming (clear & bright) is a festival where people seek blessings from ancestors who have passed away. Graves are cleaned, paper money is burned for those in the afterlife and offering of food & wine are made.

Tin Hau (Goddess of the Sea)  -  19th April 2017
Fishermen or anyone who makes a living from the sea will celebrate Tin Hau`s birthday for prosperity, safety & good luck.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival  -  3rd May 2017
A colorful procession takes place on the island of Cheung Chau where steam buns are offered to the spirits at Pak Tai Temple to appease them for the disturbance caused in building the temple.

Birthday of Lord Buddha  -  3rd May 2017
As Buddhism is the major religion, Lord Buddha`s birthday is celebrated by all temples on this day.

Birthday of Tam Kung  -  14th May 2017
Celebrated by fishermen as it brings them happiness & security.

International Dragon Boat Races  -  30th May 2017
The Tuen Ng festival attracts teams from many countries which take part in the Dragon Boat Races

Birthday of Kwan Tai  -  17th July 2017
Kwan Tai is the God of War and is worshipped by police & gangsters.

Seven Sisters Festival  -  27th August 2017
Centuries old celebration for young girls and lovers.

Hungry Ghosts Festival (Yue Laan)  -  4th September 2017
People burn money & make offerings to the spirit world as ghosts roam the earth for one lunar month.

Mid-Autumn Festival  -  4th October 2017
People eat sweet 'moon cakes' & Causeway Bay has a spectacular fire dragon dance to celebrate 14th century fight against Mongols.

Monkey God Festival  -  5th October 2017
Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, people worship the playful Monkey God by making offerings & lighting incense. The Monkey God Temple is in Sau Mau Ping in Kowloon.

Birthday of Confucius  -  16th October 2017
Birthday celebrating one of China's greatest philosophers.

Chung Yeung Festival  -  28th October 2017
Families pay respects and perform rituals at the graves of their ancestors.

Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) Festival  -  22nd December 2017
Celebrating the coming of winter on the longest night of the year. Based on ying & yang. People visit relations with gifts and celebrate into the night.

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